I would like to thank here all the people who helped me to obtain information on ill-known, or ancient events, at the scale of space era.

Peter Alway, Saturn Press, USA
Kerrie Dougherty, PHM, Australia
Patrick Epinoux, DGA, France
Sven Grahn, SSC, Sweden
Georgina Hooper, Science Museum, UK
Torben Stockflet Jørgensen, DMI, Denmark
Philippe Jung, Alcatel, France
Paul Kuentzmann, ONERA, France
Jonathan McDowell, Harvard, USA
Doug Millard, Science Museum, UK
Benito A. de la Morena, INTA, Spain
John Pitfield, UK
Claudio Portelli, ASI, Italy
Christophe Rothmund, SNECMA, France
Julian Simon, INTA, Spain
Per Torbo, NSC, Norway
Philippe Varnoteaux, France
Jacques Villain, SNECMA, France
James Wentworth, USA

those who sent me pictures of ill-known rockets: Silvio Barbero, Giuseppe De Chiara, Jean-Yves Hanrion and Gunter Krebs

and also Florence Garonnat, for the help in writing the English version.


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  • Periodical works
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    Space News (weekly)
    Air & Cosmos / Aviation International (weekly)